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Let It Go
There used to be a bridge here
I crossed it every day
When the bridge broke
I fished the stones from the river and dragged them
with my weak aching arms
back to the empty frame
and heaped them on again one by one  
I let someone cross my rebuilt bridge
Halfway across that person struck the ground
The bridge crumbled
I built the bridge again
They broke it again
And they said you should build the bridge because it's right
because you want to
but they said this from their own bridges that stood up to the storm
they said "this is how you should build your bridge"
and even if I did as they said
it was not enough
Not enough
Not enough
I build up hope like a bridge
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What I remember about that day is that it was raining.
There was a steady pattering sound, the kind that might be pleasant on a windowpane, but is simply dreary if it comes from a host of mud puddles nearby.  Unhappily, that moment did not occur on the warm side of a closed window, but in the middle of an expanse of soggy red-brown earth.
Drip, drip, drip.
Water gathers at the edge of the roof and spills over, narrowly missing the two of us as we hide from the rain.  Unsuccessfully--the gutter is a lacking shelter in such a torrential downpour.  
"Can we be friends?"
Plop, plop, plop.
He is saturated with droplets; they roll down his face like minuscule rivers, and his clothes are dark and shiny with moisture.  Clear rivulets sluice from the pores of his hand as it takes my equally waterlogged one.  
"I want to be with you."
Splish, splish, splish.
My thoughts stray perilously towar
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we are not a miracle
Life is
grey afternoons of momentary melancholy
singing alone to a despairing sky
a hundred regrets wrapped in a million lies
rainy days that don't carry rainbows
a hand you loved that's letting go
realization a beat too slow
a dying star fading silently out
written in the crags of an ancient face
the sadness of worlds colliding in space
shrill childish chatter in crowded rooms
flowerless plants that are covered in thorns
the steel-grey horizon on the edge of the storm
Life is
not the child of beauty and love
not the blossoms in fresh green grass
not of diamonds, just of glass
Life is
the arms that once gave all their warmth
a beautiful memory that makes you cry
the love that echoed in now-closed eyes
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The King in the Wood
No glimmer of starlight touched the night, and perhaps that should have been a sign.  Perhaps, but they were in such a hurry to reach home that his father could see nothing but the path forward.  After all, there were legends and, for those who were not superstitious, bandits that haunted the forest in the dark places.  
He was a child of eight and comely, innocent as morning sun, and he did not believe in the ghosts and fey of the wood, because his father had told him spirits were only for the foolish.  As he rode in front of his father, there suddenly appeared a face in the branches above the path.  Everywhere he turned the face was watching him.  "Who are you?" he cried fearfully.  
"I am the Erlkonig," came the reply.  
"Who are you speaking to?" his father asked, "Why are you frightened?"  
"Don't you see him?" cried the son, "Don't you see the Erlkonig?"  
His father impatiently fl
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Painful Bloody Sorrow
Painful Bloody Sorrow
Theo was sleeping on his tatami mat and his hard, cold, azure blue and zinc white authentic Japanese ceramic pillow.  He was suddenly jolted awake out of his nightmare into a sitting position, just like in the movies, even though who has actually had this happen?  
"Urrgh," said Theo, because the world must know of his each and every lilting grunt.  
"Theeeeooooo…" a voice called to him.  
He followed the voice out the front door of the homeless shelter—which he was staying at because he wanted to experience something new and totally not because he spent so much time emoing that no one wanted to hire him and lose sales—and out into a blizzard.  
"Rodolpho!" he cried, upon seeing the young man standing amidst the whirling, soaring, egg-beating, batter-blending snow.  Rodolpho turned but said nothing, not even: "don't you think we should go somewhere where we aren't in severe danger of
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The world is grey.  
The world is harsh fluorescent lights and rusting human cages and broken bits of once-glorious buildings that have now fallen to the state of unrecognizable concrete rubble.  It's defunct circuit boards and empty corroded barrels lying silent in the corner.  It's dried dead roses, faded now, abandoned to wither on a long-forgotten chair.  
The world is things left behind and moments past, like the missing planks on the decrepit crate.  It's vast and dark and empty, like the cut-off end of a water main, or the once-upon-a-time warehouse with the steel cords peeking out of the damaged cement pillars.  The world is cold water dripping through the cracked ceiling to form puddles around the scrap metal and shredded wire, slowly breaking down what's already starting to fade.  
In the underground wasteland, the only lights are bare bulbs hanging from above.  Perhaps they're already broken too,
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